Razer Phone 2 gets Android 9 Pie update

The Razer Phone 2 was one of the few smartphones to ship with Android Oreo no board even when Android Pie was 2 months old at the time of launch.

Up until last week, Razer had not announced when the Pie update would be available for the Razer Phone 2 which is why most users were pretty disappointed.

Fortunately, last week the company did announce that the Android 9 Pie update would be available on February 27 and it seems Razer has delivered on their word.

The Android Pie update for the Razer Phone 2 is now available for users to download and install and the company claims that the Razer Phone 2 would now “operate more intuitively, more efficiently utilize its battery and significantly enhance user experience for gaming and entertainment.”

Well, we’ll have to wait and see if the bold claim holds up while users check out the latest update on their Razer Phone 2. The Razer Phone 2 pretty much comes with stock Android hence the Android 9 Pie update for the Razer Phone 2 does not bring along anything new that we haven’t yet seen.

Nonetheless, it’s good to see another device receive the Android Pie update. The update is currently only available for unlocked Razer Phone 2 devices and AT&T model will get the update on April 4th if all goes according to plan.


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