Pushbullet receives major update, brings in messaging features among others


Pushbullet is already loaded with tones of features, but big changes are arriving as the developers of the app have claimed that it will be receiving the biggest update ever since it was released. This update is likely claimed to bring many new features to the application.

The update will be rolled out on all the platforms at the same time except for the OS X. The messaging features will be a great one for those who are already using Pushbullet to send files to others. Now, there is a new IM client and it is the same app that you have been using to send files so long. The interface has a chat style and it is faster at transferring files. Have a look at the video below.

Sharing Files with Pushbullet on Android

So long, it was a little odd to send multiple files with Pushbullet, but now update brings in numerous improvements. Most of the platforms will feature drag and drop support for multiple files. This will be very easy in comparison to the uploading of the files and pushing them one by one.

The Android version of Pushbullet will not have the multiple file push feature for now, but it will be brought in by the next update. The Windows version of the app has chat heads as shown below. Take a look at the video to know how you push files faster.

Sharing files with the Pushbullet Windows desktop app

The notifications will sync between platforms. With this feature you will be notified if someone has sent you a file or message on a device, and you will not be bothered again with the same notification. The update is rolling out now, and it will make its way to all the devices soon.

Via: Android Police