Pushbullet launches Portal app to transfer files to your devices via Wi-Fi


The creators of Pushbullet have come up with another application called Portal. This app has only one objective, and it is to transfer files to your smartphone or tablet in a seamless and easy way. After using this app once, you will definitely use it several times a day.

All you need to do is install the Portal app from the Google Play Store and connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network that your computer is connected to. Now, visit the website portal.pushbullet.com. You will see a QR code on the website that has to be scanned.

You will have to open the Portal app on your smartphone and scan this QR code. Now, your computer will be connected to your smartphone via the Wi-Fi network. In order to transfer the file, you simply have to drag and drop them into the tab that is opened on the website. These files will be transferred via Wi-Fi and show on your smartphone’s Portal app.

As per the Pushbullet team, you can share files as large as 1 GB as they were able to do the same during their testing. You can also move the files on the Portal app to the SD card on your smartphone. As Portal is integrated to Android, you can find the files in the default file browser included in Android.

Introducing Portal, WiFi file transfers made easy

Download Portal from Google Play Store.

Via: Pushbullet