Project Treble system GSI ROM hits v106

The developer behind the AOSP 9.0 GSI has just pre-released a new update which brings the Project Treble system ROM’s version to v106. This follows the v105 version which was released only a few weeks ago.

In case you don’t know, Project Treble represents a very important shift in Android and was introduced with Oreo. Treble is Google’s attempt to improve the terrible update situation we see on so many third-party phones today.

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It’s not just the obscure Chinese OEMs most of us haven’t heard of, but the big companies too like Samsung, ASUS or Sony that are having a hard-time being consistent with updates. Just look at the current situation, even as Android 9.0 Pie has been out since August, currently only a handful of smartphones run the new version.

But Project Treble brings good news for those who wish to give Android 9 a try. The only thing you need is a device that is compatible with Treble, and thankfully, there are many. The Treble ROM we’ve been talking about in this article is compatible with Treble smartphones. You can check the supported devices here.

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So should you install the Android 9 GPI on your device? If you want to give Pie a try and are familiar with the basics of rooting and tinkering, you can give it a-go. But you’ll have to understand that by doing so the warranty of your device becomes void and null.

Source: GitHub