Pre-Order Samsung Epic 4G Touch from Wirefly only for $149

We all like to be the first to hold a new gadget be it a Smartphone a tablet or for the matter be it anything. The thrill of having it when no one else has it is totally worth the extra cash. But if you can get a discount of 25% for all that fun, how would it sound?

Well that’s the case with Sprint’s newly launched Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S II’s version). In most cases, we need to pay extra cash to pre-order, but Wirefly is offering the phone for just $150 ─ that is if you sign up for a two year agreement. And for the ‘just $150’ what you get is Samsung Epic 4G Touch from Wirefly, plus the bragging rights ─ which is not a bad deal, and it is a pretty good bargain as well.