Download PowerAMP APK with Android M Support


With Android M, many apps were incompatible at the beginning and slowly, app developers are making required modifications to their apps to support Android M. One of our favorite music players, PowerAMP, was not compatible with Android M from the outset, but its developers have now updated the app to support Android M.

So, if you are on Nexus 5, 6 or 9, and can’t live without PowerAMP, you have a lot to cheer for. Download the new PowerAMP APK from below, and install it like regular APK.

The Android M compatible PowerAMP that you are downloading from below is a beta version, yet to make it to play store. It’s really nice of PowerAMP team to come with a working Android M beta version of their app quickly enough.


If you need help with installing an APK file, see here.

What’s in this version:

  • fixed crash on M-preview
  • few other minor fixes
  • 580: even more improved track state saving during bluetooth connection
  • 580: MusicFX is disabled by default now for Sony @ Lollipop (as it’s broken there)
  • 578: improved track state saving during bluetooth connection
  • 578: better 3rd party skin failures handling