Pixel 3 could come with curved displays

According to a new report out of China, Google wants to invest in LG Display to make flexible OLED display for next-generation smartphones. However, LG hasn’t confirmed the deal yet, which means that the Pixel 2 would not feature curved displays.

Instead, if the deal goes through, Google could start using curved displays on the Pixel 3 and other future devices. Therefore, it all really remains in the hands of LG. Nevertheless, curved edge-to-edge displays are becoming the norm in the smartphone industry.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix started the revolution, and now the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are going to make it a thing. Most smartphones coming out in 2017 would also feature displays with thin side bezels and curved edges.

Google could launch one variant of a future Pixel with a regular screen, while the larger XL variant could have a curved display. Samsung is already ahead of others, and it looks like people really like the edge-to-edge curved displays on the new Galaxy S8.

via ETnews

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  1. Pixel is google’s take on what it wants android phones to be like. Its ideology. And adapting curved displays for the pixels is a huge thing. That implies google actually wants to promote the curved look and functionality. Also makes for one thing that is a new hardware take in the android world which isn’t prevalent with iphones.

  2. was really looking forward to see curved screen on Pixel 2, but looks like we have to wait for that to happen, hope to see some cool design change like Mi Mix or LG G6 like narrow bezels!!

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