Photo editing coming to Twitter Android App with filters and stuff?

Twitter is reportedly getting ready to take on Instagram, by introducing its own native photo filters on the microblogging platform. The Twitter app is said to be getting photo editing features in the coming month and that the addition will allow users to share altered images on Twitter and bypass Instagram totally. Twitter recently updated its native Android app, adding new features like pinch to zoom.

Facebook’s Instagram buyout plans and the introduction of its own camera app back in May, were a clear indication of the popularity of vintage and special effects filters for image editing, and given the huge user base of social networks like FB and Twitter, it would make sense that they integrate native ability for photo editing, rather than have users seek a third party player.

Twitter is said to be in a strategic repositioning mode, and is even planning to have its own video hosting service which would compete with the might of Youtube and Vimeo. Given the unending amount of tweet traffic, it might be a great idea after all to consolidate all of these services under the umbrella of one app, so that users have very little reason if any, to go outside.