Perplexity AI Integrates Yelp Data for Restaurant Recommendations

What to know

  • Perplexity has announced the integration of Yelp data into its AI chatbot.
  • You will now receive up-to-date cafe and restaurant recommendations from Perplexity’s chatbot, replete with images, maps, reviews, and other details sourced from Yelp. 

Perplexity AI has announced the integration of Yelp’s data into its chatbot.  This move will effectively allow the AI company to provide users with better restaurant and cafe recommendations when prompted for it. The data will include maps, photos, restaurant descriptions, and reviews, among other details.  

The thing that sets Perplexity apart from other chatbots has been the inclusion of links and sources to its responses. Bringing Yelp’s data to the platform is a step further in the same direction. It also helps Yelp get its local data into Perplexity, thereby furthering its reach. 

Even though it seems like a win-win situation for both parties, it is not a true partnership. Perplexity is licensing Yelp’s data to gain access to a trusted and reliable source for the latest, most up-to-date information on local restaurant recommendations. The data, Perplexity claims, is also not being used to train the chatbot.

Perplexity’s answers will also include links to Yelp pages of cafes and restaurants where users can get detailed information about the businesses. Given the trend, one can expect more such integrations into Perplexity’s AI chatbot in the future.

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