Own a rooted Galaxy S4, S5 or Note 4? Get the S6 theme engine on it now

Even though the Galaxy S6 hasn’t been out for even a month, the device has already become a great favorite with the general public. The credit for this of course goes to the guys over at Samsung who finally got rid of of the plastic and switched it for a glass-metal combination. Not only that, the hardware is of course an improvement over the previous galaxies with Samsung replacing the heat prone Snapdragon with its homegrown Exynos.  Similarly, on the software side several improvements can be seen.

For example, the Touchwiz — which is Samsung’s user interface — now packs a default theme engine allowing users to customize their S6. Although the theme engines are nothing new — there being a whole bunch of those over at the play store — Samsung’s default theme engine is altogether in a different league.The TouchWiz theming system doesn’t just modify the surface, but also enables you to change stuff such as the notification drop down, dialer, messaging, system settings, fonts etc. Sounds cool right?

However, the application is exclusive to the Galaxy S6 — Officially at least. Unofficially, if you happen to posses either of a Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5 running Lollipop — which just happens to be rooted — you can run the theme engine on your device as well. All you need to do is download the “Lollipop theme enabler” on your device and flip a few lines of code around. After that its merely a matter of restarting your device and voila! You can now customize your device using Samsung’s theme engine.

For detailed instructions just click the source link right below, and if you get it working, do drop by to tell us all about it.

Source: XDA Forums