OTA Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Update for Verizon Droid Bionic Launched!

Droid Bionic ICS

If you are a Droid Bionic user, you probably moved from the feeling of, “if you can wade through all the cold packaging. It’s an undeniably great phone!” to “It’s time to move on!”

Once Motorola’s flagship, the Droid Bionic users finally have a reason to celebrate, users can now get the latest OTA update that will Jump their phone over to some ICS goodness.

The OTA update includes all of the usual ICS goodies (Android 4.0.4) like the new and enhanced notification curtain with swipable individual  notifications, an almost stock Android experience, quick folders, the new and improved lockscreen and better multitasking by pressing and holding the “Home” key.

Motorola has also tossed in some of their home brewed goodies like the Smart Actions, improved Google Calendar sync, improved Google Play, and updated all sorts of bloatware.

And just so you are aware, the update is 368MB in size.