Original Huawei Watch has an NFC chip, may get Android Pay through an OTA update

If you own the original Huawei Watch, you may be in for a nice surprise. According to a new report, Huawei has confirmed that the first gen Watch has an NFC chip inside. It was never enabled, but it could soon be with the release of Android Wear 2.0.

Unfortunately, since the original report came out about Huawei confirming the first gen Watch has NFC, there have been several others denying this claim. Well reputed websites have contacted Huawei regarding this and have been told that the Watch does not have NFC.

We’re not sure who to believe now. The original report also claimed that Huawei was testing Android Pay on the Watch and may enable the feature in the Android Wear 2.0 update. But if the Watch doesn’t have NFC, then Android Pay will not work.

Google started seeding Android Wear 2.0 for smartwatches a few weeks ago. The Huawei Watch, which was released in 2015, will soon be getting the update as well. Recently, the LG G Watch R and the Watch Urbane got the Android Wear 2.0 updates.

We will update this article when we know more about this situation. Huawei could make an official statement, so do not lose hopes yet.

via Ausdroid, Android Central

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  1. android pay on a smartwatch. awesome!!

  2. android pay on a smartwatch. awesome!!

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