OpenAI Finally Unveils the GPT Store: A Custom GPT Sharing Platform

After a couple of months of delay, OpenAI has finally opened its doors to the GPT Store – a platform for users to find popular custom versions of ChatGPT created by users. 

Since the introduction of the custom GPT builder, over 3 million versions of ChatGPT have been created, many of which will be available from the GPT Store if they’ve met OpenAI’s guidelines.  

The GPT Store opens up to some popular categories such as Top Picks, Trending, DALL.E, Writing, Productivity, Programming, etc. There are also custom GPTs created by the ChatGPT Team. Keep an eye out on the trending and featured GPTs as these will change every week based on the most useful and impactful GPTs. 

OpenAI will also share the revenue made on these GPTs with the creators via a GPT builder revenue program, starting in Q1 itself. However, details on the criteria for payments have not been disclosed yet. More information will be shared later. 

Although anyone can browse and check out the different GPTs created by others in the GPT Store, only ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users can actually chat and interact with them.  

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