OnePlus CEO confirms Snapdragon 835 processor for OnePlus 5, and quicker app load times and improved touch latency

OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau, took to company’s own forums to share a message about OnePlus 5 with its fans. Well, he not only confirmed the Snapdragon 835 chipset that we all keep drooling about, but, for good measure, also stressed the fact that choosing the SD835 processor (a right component) is only the first step towards getting you an awesome experience on OnePlus 5.

So right, man! Pete further revealed that they are working hard to improve the overall experience of users on the OnePlus 5, and has confirmed two things on which the company worked, and have attained success: quick app load times, and faster touch response.

It’s an interesting read, so do check it out at the source link below. You would love to know that because there were no hardcore benchmarks or studies available on touch latency, OnePlus team took a special high-speed camera to ‘track screen movements and measure input speeds‘.

That, together with system-level optimizations made to OxygenOS, app load times are better on OnePlus 5. In fact, OxygenOS would take note of your favorite or frequently used apps, and keep them in cache, so that they load instantly when you need them. And about those apps you don’t use so much, the system will de-prioritize them and keep away from affecting performance. Cool?

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The fact that we’re hearing from company’s CEO on how attached he’s to the company’s next flagship is pretty cool, no?

Even inspiring, right?

Source: OnePlus Forums

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