OnePlus 5 wallpaper leak reveals display specs, Full HD resolution in tow

So the leaks have started pouring in. First it was the name and now the display specs. Well, here we are talking about the upcoming OnePlus premium smartphone. Though a successor to OnePlus 3, the phone will strangely be called OnePlus 5 (and not 4). Apparently because the number ‘4’ is considered unlucky by the Chinese. But that’s not what this news is all about. A new wallpaper leak of OnePlus 5 has emerged citing the display specs of the high-end phone.

Coming from two renowned tipsters, the leak which suggests that OnePlus 5 display will sport Full HD resolution, stands on a very strong base. Tipster Evan Blass posted an image of the OnePlus 5 wallpaper on his Twitter handle with a question tag as seen below.

To this, another reliable tipster Roland Quandt added his comments saying that OnePlus 5 will sport a display with 1920X1080 pixels resolution.

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Just a week back, a leak coming from Korea revealed detailed spechseet of the smartphone which included premium design and top of the end internal hardware. The phone will sport a glass body with dual edge display and wireless charging. The show-stealer in OnePLus 5 is the 23MP rear camera and 16MP selfie snapper. The spec list gets stronger with Snapdragom 830 SoC, 6GB RAM/64GB ROM and 4,000mAh battery.

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