OnePlus 3T Pie update problems and possible solutions

OnePlus 3T Pie update problems

OnePlus 3T got the update to Android 9 Pie in May 2019. This is the third major OS update for a device everyone thought will only get two OS upgrades. As a result, life post-Android Oreo has been quite bumpy for some users, with various problems being reported in the official OnePlus forums.

Here, we take a quick look at some of these problems and their possible solutions, but there’s no guarantee that every solution we provide will permanently fix your problems. If you are here, though, we hope this post is worth the hassle.

The 3T has become very slow

After the update to Pie, some say OnePlus 3T has become sluggish in performance in just about every aspect. For a device that has been around since 2016, such issues are bound to show up, especially after such a huge software upgrade.


The quick fix to this sluggish performance is wiping your cache partition. Of course, this is best done via the recovery mode. To reboot the 3T into recovery mode, first, turn it off. With the device turned off, press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time for a few seconds until the phone turns on, but this time in recovery mode.

Use the volume rockers to scroll through the options provided and the power button to select the option to Wipe cache. When done, reboot the phone.

Messed-up camera after Pie update

While some say the camera has improved slightly after the Pie update, some OnePlus 3T users are not a happy lot, with reports that the camera, especially the front shooter, now produces blurry images with poor clarity.


You may want to clear the cache/date of the camera app before making any attempts to clear the cache partition. We also expect OnePlus to release software updates that will improve the quality of photography on the 3T in the future.

Wi-Fi hotspot isn’t working

For those who use tethering a lot, you might have experienced some connectivity issues after the update to Pie.


While a simple reboot fixes the issue, it does so on a temporary basis. So you may have to forget the connections and pair the devices afresh. If this doesn’t work, you may have to perform a full factory reset, especially if you are experiencing other annoying issues as well.

Google Play Store is crashing

Some OnePlus 3T units are experiencing issues where the Google Play Store is crashing after the update to Android Pie.


A quick fix should be clearing the cache of both the Google Play Store and Play Services. This can be done by heading to Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Play Store/Google Play Services > Storage > Clear Cache.

If none works, try clearing the cache partition via the recovery mode, something that should fix a few other problems you might not know of. Your last option here is a full factory reset, but we hope you don’t get here.

Mobile data isn’t working

A number of OnePlus 3T users say they are having issues connecting to the internet using mobile data after the update to Android Pie.


This isn’t uncommon after a major OS upgrade. Usually, a simple check to ensure that APN settings match what is provided by your carrier should fix the problem. While at it, also reset the network settings.

Buggy animation while exiting or going back in certain apps

Some OnePlus 3T users say they have been experiencing buggy animation when exiting apps and sometimes when going back in certain apps. It might be small, but it can be quite annoying.


You might want to ensure the affected apps are up to date. If not fixed, clear the cache/data of the said apps before you think about a full factory reset.

You may also check out a similar coverage on OnePlus 3 Pie update problems just in case you didn’t find what you are looking for here.

Fix-them-all solution? Factory Reset!

Well, if nothing else works, resetting your OnePlus 3 will be the one solution you can revert to in the hope of fixing whatever issue that is bugging you. Here’s how to reset your OnePlus device. The procedure is the same for all the OnePlus handsets running Android Pie.

→ How to reset OnePlus 3T to fix issues with Android Pie

Another solution:

Install the latest update

If you are on OxygenOS 9.0.2, you should install the latest update in OxygenOS 9.0.3 now.

  1. Download the OxygenOS 9.0.3 update
  2. How to install an update on your OnePlus 3T (The guide is for OnePlus 7 Pro but is same for the OnePlus 3T too.)
  3. If need be, factory reset the device after installing OxygenOS 9.0.3. See above for help on how to reset.
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