Android Pie update for OnePlus 3 and 3T is reportedly making devices slower!

OnePlus 3T lag on Pie update

OnePlus put smiles on millions of OnePlus 3 and 3T owners when it revealed last year that it was working on an update to Android 9 Pie for the 2016 pair. This would make them the only non-Google phones to get three major OS upgrades, which is quite impressive.

Fast forward to May 2019 and the update to Android 9 Pie arrived for both devices as OxygenOS 9.0.2. As usual, the early birds had their way and installed the build. Some are happy with the update, some are in between and others are very mad at OnePlus for releasing what they feel is just another beta build.

Lots of users reported in the OnePlus forums about the buggy experience they’ve had since upgrading their 3 and 3T sets to Pie. OnePlus thought they fixed the issues with OxygenOS 9.0.3, but it seems these issues are still persistent even after the latest version.

There’s still no official fix for this issue, but usually, wiping the cache partition via the recovery mode should fix this and many other issues on your aging phone. If this doesn’t work, a full factory reset could do the trick.

Your very last option would be to go back to a previous build that works perfectly, probably Android Oreo. Hopefully, OnePlus will release a software update with improved performance before you think of going back to Oreo.

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