Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean To Arrive in August End? [Android 4.1]

If this turns out to be true, Samsung may just become the manufacturer that released the fastest update to a new version of Android for one of their devices. The guys over at GSMArena say that Samsung is planning to release the official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 on August 29th, on the same day as the official unveiling of the Galaxy Note II at the IFA in Berlin.

Jelly Bean is perhaps the most important update to Android that takes care of one of the most criticized aspects of Android – the lag encountered by devices in the interface – thanks to the “Project Butter” enhancements that uses a number of techniques (V-sync and Triple Buffering in particular) to make Android buttery smooth. Of course, other features such as the intelligent voice assistant enhanced Google Search, or the actionable notifications that provide more info than ever before (the full list of features and improvements can be seen here). So it’s no wonder that an update to Jelly Bean for their devices is what everyone is waiting for.

What do you think? Is it possible might actually update the Galaxy S3 so soon to Jelly Bean or are you not that sure? Do let us know in the comments. Oh, and adventurous souls can try out a few custom unofficial Jelly Bean ROMs for their Galaxy S3 → here.