Galaxy Note 3 gets Screen-Off Memo feature like the Note 5

To keep the Note series growing and different from the Galaxy S series, Samsung introduces new S Pen features with each new flagship Galaxy Note device.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is no different, the device comes with a unique-to-life feature that let’s you take Notes without turning on Screen. It works such that as you pull the S Pen out of your Note 5, a feature called Screen-Off memo comes to life on-screen while still keeping it black (like it is off) and let you quickly jot things up on your Note 5 and save it.

Genius, it’s the most practical feature for a device like Galaxy Note and it should have been on the first ever Note device as well, but it just occurred to any of us I guess.

Anyway, Samsung has no plans to roll out the Screen-Off memo feature to Galaxy Note 3 yet, but what if we told you, it’s possible to get it on your Note 3 right this instance, without root.

Developer xperiacle over at XDA has made this nice little app called Screen-Off Memo for the Galaxy Note 3 that gets you the same functionality that Note 5 has on your Note 3.

There’s no setup required, just download the apk file for the app from the link below and install it like you’d install any other .apk file on your Note 3.

[icon name=”download” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Download Screen-Off Memo for Note 3

Note: If you’re getting force closes, edit the build.prop file and change the model number to SM-N9005. Don’t forger to reboot after making the change.

via xda

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