Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 Oreo beta to release soon

Nokia released the Android 8.0 update to its flagship device Nokia 8 earlier today, but there’s a bit of good news for the Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 users as well, as the company’s Product Chief also stated that Oreo update will be coming soon for Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 as a beta release.

Since Nokia already has their Oreo update sorted out with Nokia 8, it shouldn’t take long for the company to release a stable build for Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 after the beta is out. Although, Nokia should have released the Oreo beta first to Nokia 6 instead of Nokia 8 because the former has more users, but it seems the company did favor to their flagship device first. OnePlus, however, took a different route and beta tested Android 8.0 Oreo on OnePlus 3 and 3T first instead of their current flagship OnePlus 5 to speed up the testing process as OnePlus 3 had more users.

Anyway, Nokia’s Oreo update is out for the Nokia 8, and Nokia 6/5 will be getting it soon through the Nokia Beta Labs. The remaining devices such as Nokia 3, Nokia 2 and Nokia 7 should not require beta testing as the company is already testing the update on three of their most popular devices. The Nokia 2, Nokia 3 and Nokia 7 should be getting their Oreo update within a month of official release of Oreo update for Nokia 6 and Nokia 5.

Being a new Android device manufacturer in the market, Nokia is holding up pretty good with their software update track record so far. The company has been very prompt on releasing monthly security patches on time to its devices, and now it has officially rolled out the latest version of Android to its flagship phone, something which big names like Samsung and LG are yet to do.

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