Nexus Two aka Samsung Nexus S Rumors get a Boost, Thanks to an Error at Best Buy

T-mobile Nexus Two Best buy Pre Order page

Remember all that Nexus Two Android phone saga? A quick recap would definitely help — it all began with a Samsung phone, pretty power packed in a hardware (1 Ghz hummingbird processor, 4 inch Super AMOLED display, etc) and labeled as Nexus S, that was supposed to be announced today but was delayed due to late finding of critical hardware issues which Samsung is supposedly tightly working upon.

The rumors about the phone fired back today as a best buy page was spotted listing the phone with “pure Google Experience” and a very fractured ad featuring “Nexus S for T-Mobile”. The page has obviously been removed now.

The Nexus Two is said to have a stock android version 2.3, Gingerbread, à la Nexus One which sported and became a first phone pre-loaded with android 2.1, eclair.

The latest rumors floating around suggest that t-mobile stores might an event scheduled on Nov 24 — a postponement of Nov 20 (earlier) event. We’re not sure about the event’s agenda but with any luck on our side, we might hear the announcement of the phone which the android blogosphere is waiting so deadly.

We hope the phone is announced/unveiled as soon as it can since we are also eager to hear about the latest of the hardware(s) lined up for display at the upcoming major tech event — the CES 2011, beginning Jan 5. We hope the Nexus Two hardware won’t be shy of what wire-and-stuff we’ll be witnessing at the CES, as also that it also turns out to be a trendsetter like the predecessor Nexus One, the first one to come equipped with a 1 Ghz processor, a magnitude still un-bettered.

So what are your thoughts about the Nexus Two? Could t-mobile surprise us all on Nov 24 with Gingerbread running 4 inch Super AMOLED display phone powered by 1 Ghz Hummingbird processor? And what about Google’s silence over its self created brand’s successor, when the company itself said earlier that there are no plans for Nexus Two? Somebody tell us something — what is this all going on??

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