Nexus S Outgrows to 42 inches. Camera, Touchscreen and Internet still Work

Google installed a 42 inch diagonally wide Nexus S at retail stores, powered by the regular Nexus S only. Touchscreen, Camera and Internet work.

If you thought Nexus S is just another Galaxy S with NFC chip, there is one more difference now — Nexus S can stand 42 inch tall (diagonally). Google employees tried this new idea to grab customer’s attention, which it really did awesome.

Even with such a tall posture, Nexus S still manages to connect to internet (which it should being Google’s baby) with touchscreen and camera working fine too.

In fact, the large Nexus S is powered by the regular size Nexus S only, but tweaked a little bit with special video-out capabilities.

Check the video of the giant Nexus S techcrunch guys has gotten us.

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