Nexus One to Get Android 2.3 Update in Few Weeks

android 2.3 nexus one

Google Nexus Team just updated their Twitter account telling us that the android 2.3 update will be arriving to the Nexus One in a few weeks. Is it before Christmas? Dunno. Before New Year? Dunno. Does it means it’s been postponed a little? Maybe. Will it be the first one to get android 2.3 in update? Yes. Of Course. No doubt about it. that’s why we always worship the shrine of Google Nexus phones.

While releasing the Gingerbread AOSP to public, Google also said that compiling the android 2.3 isn’t that easy as it used to be with earlier android versions. Even then, we’ve already seen many developers doing handsome job in porting the android 2.3 to various android devices. The last one we saw was Motorola Droid, receiving a custom ROM with half-baked gingerbread.

The easy-to-port Gingerbread AOSP would be the best thing but there is no doubt that android 2.3 will eventually become available on your device, officially or not.

Source: Google Nexus Twitter

Via: Android Central

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