Nexus 7 32GB spotted at reduced price of $199!

If we were to go by what XDA member mrmidnight personally experienced yesterday, we could well be looking at an imminent price drop for the Asus Nexus 7 32GB tablet.

mrmidnight tells us he was at his local WalMart in Ozark, Alabama last evening, and noticed that the price tag for the Nexus 7 32GB had changed to reflect a lower price of $199. Considering he had just bought his unit a day before thanksgiving for $249, which is also the price listed on Google Play, he decided to ask the store manager if he could  get a refund of $50.

Well, it turns out that the manager wasn’t quite sure if she could do that, but suggested that he return the whole package back for a full refund, and use the money to buy it again for $199.

The online price still shows $249 for the 32GB tablet, so it is not completely clear whether the price drop was applicable only for that area, or whether we could expect it to be more widespread. Other users conform that the 16GB version appears to be sold out across most retail channels, but the 32GB which happens to be available is still going for $249 plus taxes.

Either ways, residents of Ozark, AL are in for a treat before Christmas arrives, and we hope this is a nation-wide price drop just waiting to happen.