New update to Nova launcher rolling out with dynamic notification badges

A new update is being rolled out to the beta version of the Nova Launcher. The update, other than bringing minor fixes majorly overhauls the notification badges making it more dynamic. True to its work, the new feature has been named as ‘Dynamic Notification Badges’ which is hitting out at those using the beta version of Nova Launcher.

Once you install the new update, the standard notification badges get replaced with the dynamic notification badges. Now, standard notification worked by showing the number of missed calls or unread messages on different apps, popping up on the right side of each app. The dynamic notification improves on this feature by letting you know who called or texted you instead of just showing how many people called or messaged you.

The dynamic notification badges work by pulling contact images from messaging apps to show who called you, or sent you a message or a mail. It works in a similar way for music apps or even app icons from the Play Store.

One of the reasons cited by the Nova Launcher developer behind the notification badges update is that ‘unread counts are often misleading’ as ‘every app counts things differently (messages vs conversations for example)’.

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It does seem to be a great improvement from the standard notification, but there might be some who may prefer the latter. In such a scenario, there’s an option to turn the Dynamic badges feature off in the Nova Settings menu.

And for those who are interested in trying it out, they can download the beta version from Google Play Store or download the APK version.

via Android Authority

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