New Motorola phone with model ID 9370 and 9842 passes through FCC

A new Motorola device has popped up on US certification site FCC. The phone bears model ID 9370 and 9842 and carries a 3000mAh battery.

The FCC listing, other than this, does not mention anything else leaving us totally clueless about the product. It could be one of the upcoming Motorola smartphones, out of the 9 phones, which the company has lined up for release this year. Or not. We do not know as yet.

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Motorola has slated for the launch of two phones from Moto C series and two from Moto E series. As well as we will be seeing phones from Moto G, Moto X and Moto Z series hit the stores. As the battery capacity on Moto C and Moto E series has been leaked in the past which is 4000mAH and 5000mAH respectively, the unknown phone being any of these can be ruled out.

So may be, the mysterious Motorola phone which has appeared on FCC could belong to the Moto G series of which Moto Gs and Moto Gs Plus is yet to be launched. And as Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus carried 2800mAH and 3000mAH battery, it gives more cement to the guess.

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But then, conclusion can’t be based on speculations. So, we would like to wait for some more time and let more reports emerge about this Motorola phone with model ID 9370 and 9842.

Source: FCC

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  1. Moto Z2 Play, is my bet!

  2. Moto Z2 Play, is my bet!

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