New features in Huawei Honor Magic

The Honor Magic with curved edges on all four sides, dual rear cameras, and other unique features, was launched earlier today in China. The price and hardware specifications is already known. Now, we’ve got some new details on some of the other features, including camera and software enhancements.

Let’s talk about the cameras first. There’s an 8MP camera at front with 6 lenses and an infrared sensor that can tell when the user is looking at the screen, known as WiseScreen. This, combined with another sensor on the frame, can help turn on the screen as soon as the user picks it up.

You can even have certain notifications show up only when you look at the screen with the FaceCode Intelligent Recognition feature. If a user whose face isn’t recognized picks up the phone, they will not see these notifications.

There are several AI features on this device as well, that are available as part of Honor Magic Live. When texting someone, if the recipient asks about the weather, a movie or an address, the device will automatically provide weather details of your location, movies playing nearby and brings up the relevant address.

The AI can recognize when you’re driving and will automatically prompt the user to switch to driving mode. If you’re at a movie counter, it will immediately show your booking details. When you’re taking a cab, it will show the drivers details on the lockscreen. And there’s more.

The Home button on the Honor Magic is more than just one button. It acts as the navigation button and also houses a fingerprint sensor. There are no back or multi-tasking buttons. Instead, you double tap, single tap or swipe to navigate around the device. Another feature called MyPocket allows users to instantly share or save media by swiping up from the bottom of the display.

There are two 12MP cameras at the back, one of which takes black and white photos. The other lens takes regular color photos, then both are combined to provide a much better looking photo. This has to be tested out though. The battery is also slightly different than regular smartphone batteries, and can charge to 70 percent in just 20 mins.

Hands-on photos of Honor Magic:

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