New Feature in Google Search: Results from Bookmarks and Browsing history also being shown right next to search results!

browser history result

Looks like Google is updating the search results layout, now also throwing in the results from user’s browsing history and bookmarks. In the pic above, you can see that the search term ‘HTC One’ (fav of yours too?) in being searched in bookmarks and history too, and the results from respective categories are presented in the right side to Google search results, under the very convenient titles ‘Results from bookmarks’ and ‘Results from browsing history’ respectively.

The new results boxes on the right, both show maximum 8 results each, and one can click on the title of the box to get all results in a new tab.

bookmarks result

Clicking on the ‘Results from bookmarks’text open my bookmarks explorer in new tab with the search term already searched for me, and same goes for browser history results box, which opens up a new history tab with the search term, HTC One, already searched and all results shown.

You would notice that the bookmarks page that opens up with my search query has the search term in the url itself, like the normal search we do in bookmarks section. Same for history too.

browser history result

That is surely very convenient, I for one can avoid search my Google Chrome bookmarks and directly search in the new tab, which will simply display get me top 8 links from bookmarks and a link to all results in bookmarks. Same for history.

I think that it’s not to do with Chrome, and more with the data stored in your Google account. My guess is, that if you delete you Google account data, or have let’s say bookmarks disabled in your Google account data, the Google search won’t show the results from bookmarks.

Similarly, if your Google account is getting your browsing history from your computer(s) or mobile device(s), it would be able to display results from history even if you delete your browser history. Well, that’s what I think, I haven’t tested it.

So, what you need here is I guess Chrome Sync (which gets Google your browsing history and bookmarks) and the Google Search data. If you’ve them enabled in Google Dashboard, then it’s possible you would soon see both the results boxes appearing soon on a search you do on Google. Good luck!

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