7 New Android Games for October 2010

new android games october 2010

Unless you’re totally off from the android news and that, you would know that the most awaited game — Angry birds — has finally landed on Android market, and that too for FREE. But that’s not all we got for you in this article, since there are other six games too, that were released recently and totally deserve your game-time.

Check them out and as always, Enjoy!

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds Android AppJust one day of release saw the Angry Birds android game hit a whopping 1 million downloads and as of now, the downloads have crossed a barrier of 2 million times at getjar.com. By any measure, it’s the king of all games right now on android, with around 20K ratings attaining average of 4.89 – almost impossible for lesser mortal games and apps. Ratings-wise it ranks alongside the apps like Google Maps and Gmail.


Back to Angry Birds, it requires you to hit-and-destroy those little green weirdo pigs who’ve stolen bird’s eggs and made the birds angry. The birds are your weapons and you throw them into the air, with each one having their own attack capabilities. There are birds — angry, and cool too — that explode, drop a bomb, move at raging speeds for maximum damages (my fav one!) or split into three, apart from the simple red ones you get to play initially.

A must have game, if you own an android phone, period. 45 New Levels have been added recently and a Christmas edition is also said to be in the works.

Compatibility: Supports all android devices.

2. Bubble Blast 2

Bubble Blast 2 Android AppWell, it’s a very nice puzzle game and a must have, if you’re looking for one such kind of game. It’s very easy to play but gets tricky much before you realize it. Since it’s a puzzle game, a little piece of advice, just don’t leave the game if you’re stuck since retrying will surely get you through –- at least that’s what I sensed. With around 300 levels to go and availability of arcade mode, there is plenty of real good game time for you.


What you need to do in the Bubble Blast 2 is, hit the balls to cause them explode and send their parts to cause or bubble up other balls in the neighborhood. Basically, there are four kind of different balls –- differentiated by color –- with each needing given number hits to explode. You’ll discover more when you play it and if puzzle games are your type – you are simply gonna love this game.

BTW, as the title of the game indicates, it’s a second games of the series, so also look out for the first one — Bubble Blast — if you like this game.

Compatibility: Supports all android devices.

3. Cestos 2 Party Time

Cestos 2 Party Time Android AppIf you’ve been using android for a long time now, you must have played the Cestos –- the first full online game that literally rocked the infant android (version 1.5/1.6 times) and was considered as the best game by many, including me. Cestos 2 is just the extension, which brings in more arenas and of course, unlimited fun.


With 5 more unique games modes, Cestos 2 is a game to play whether or not you are looking for online games. Tons of avatars have been added too, as also the achievements and customizations. The online multiplayer mode is what really makes this game a must play. In-game chat is amusing too, if you get the right person at the other end and no doubt, the chat is sometimes why you’ll play this game, just a very ordinary and enticing feature of online games!

Compatibility: Supports all android devices.

4. Deadly Hustle Mobile MMORPG

Deadly Hustle Mobile MMORPG Android AppLooking for a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) on Android? Just stop by the Deadly Hustle Mobile MMORPG and it’s here where your big bad underworld journey begins. For a quick learning of the game, check out the quick game guide. Or, give a full game guide a visit, to get all the gory details about the game, your role and environment.

Compatibility: Supports all android devices.

5. Temple Seeker LITE

Temple Seeker LITE Android GameTemple Seeker android game is a fun and puzzle filled game for teens. Find hidden objects, spot variations and discrepancies and solve fast-paced puzzles to get to higher levels. Since the time is running all the time to find the stuff by touching down upon them, the speedy combination between eye and hand is the key for this game. Don’t think to hack this game by simply touching every pixel of your screen rapidly to solve puzzle since too many rapid touches (esp. the wrong ones) will get you penalty in the form of time reduction, your only asset in the game.

Compatibility: Supports all android devices.

6. Spaghetti Marshmallows Lite

Spaghetti Marshmallows Lite Latest Android GameWell, for once you would think that the game is a crap but then you realize you’re dumb. And when you get the hold of the game — and if you really like this sort of puzzle-cum-fun games — it will simply become your latest addiction and will gather the prominent space of your phone’s precious internal memory for a long time. The addition of ‘Undo’ button in the recent update complements and completes the gaming experience.


The free version of the game lets you play 9 levels while the paid version comes packed with as many as 43 levels that are total fun and very challenging. The paid version also features evil frogs and supportive balloons to further enrich the game experience.

Compatibility: Supports android devices running versions 2.1 or above.

7. Alchemy Premium ($4.95)

Alchemy Premium Android GameAlchemy Premium is a paid version of a very popular android game, Alchemy which ranks along with the likes of Angry Birds. The premium version got released just a couple of weeks earlier while the free version has been there for ages. You get to play with four basic elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Mix them to create more substances and there’s where you begin discovering total Fun. More you play, more you enjoy the game. And did we mention, it’s quite an addicting game, that will suck your time like it does.


The premium version makes your pocket lighter by $4.95, which is well worth since you get to play the game with ‘no ads’ and the ‘Undo’ feature is also available there. While in the free version, there are ads and the undo feature is absent. You can go on to create as many as 330 elements (as of now, until updated again).

Compatibility: Supports all android devices.

That was about our digging of android games for the month of October that you are simply ought to know and play too. Let us know how much you like them all, and any other games of your choice as recommendations to our reader. Say it all in comments folks!

And stay in touch, as we’re already working on the similar list of apps and games for Nov 10 too. 

And while you’re here, do check out more addicting games, or simply some of the best stuff market has in offer for you in the best android apps for entertainment.

Again, let us know how much you like the above games. Are they enough to satisfy your android game hunger or the Sony PlayStation Phone is all you have your eye set on?

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