Motorola’s 4G Phone and Tablets in Works, says co-CEO Sanjay Jha

Motorola's Tablet, 4G and Dual Core Phone Plans by Sanjay Jha

Update: Motorola has announced their first 4G phone. It’s called Motorola Atrix 4G and will land at AT&T. This is the same phone which was rumored as Motorola Olympus. Check the Motorola Atrix 4G Specs here.

The first thing you should know about Sanjay Jha is that he is the mastermind behind company’s mobile phone business and that he will indeed head the Motorola Mobility after its split from the Motorola Solution. Well, you will know the company as Motorola even after the split, just like you know it now. At the Credit Suisse 2010 technology conference yesterday, Jha talked about his company’s plans for 2011, about dual-core and 4G phones ad android tablets, and that he perceives a threat in Q1 next year verizon’s iPhone 4 without actually mentioning the Apple’s hot seller device. Oh, for your curiosity, he used phrases like a new “Competitive Dynamic” at Verizon Wireless and “additional challenge potentially” to hint us of Verizon’s Apple-ic behaviour that will show up possibly in Jan 2011. Okay.

Well, we know you’re more concerned about what plans he had to share about android phones, and, tablets. Well, here you go:

  • Dual-core phone to be launched in Q1 2011. Of course, we knew it and have been cheering about it since ages, it has to be AT&T headed Motorola Olympus, or rumored as Motorola Etna for Verizon.
  • Tablets will come too, in sizes of 7 inches and 10 inches, a competition treat to Samsung’s 7 incher Galaxy tab (which we think is a top android tablet as of now) and Apple’s 10 inch wide iPad. Motorola will rely on its software integration to impress you with tablets made for enterprise, international and retail spaces.
  • 4G devices from Motorola are too in production line. Expect them to hit early next year.
  • Motorola Mobility will be a $3.5 billion company with no debt and pension liabilities, and as many as 16,500 patents registered in its name.
  • Hardware will continue to grow.
  • Jha expects Q1 will not be that impressive. Blame it on Verizon bringing on iPhone 4 or maybe, there is no serious challenger in Moto’s portfolio till Q2.
  • Jha expects Motorola Mobility to be a profitable company for a full year
  • Whether or not you like it, Motoblur is there to stay as the company thinks users love it. We don’t know who are those silly users but we’ll surely want it removed or less-seen at least.

Those of you hungry to hear the above gist in full lengths in Sanjay Jha’s voice, hit this link to listen the full keynote.

That’s it. We’re surely keeping our fingers crossed for the Motorola Olympus with all hopes that it comes pre-packed with Gingerbread and that a release sooner will be very much better.


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