Motorola Tweets to Comfy Verizon Xoom Owners about Android 3.2 Coming Soon to them, too

Verizon’s Xoom (3G+WiFi Xoom) owners were left complaining after they saw the lesser-priced WiFi-only Xooms getting updated to latest Android 3.2 some days before. Sure, those brave hearts who are happy with the hacking route had Android 3.2 by installing it manually but the greater bunch — in fact, the most of them — of Verizon Xoom users can only look to Motorola and ask Why and When about it. Looks like Motorola has heard their cry and thus have issued a statement on its Twitter account mentioning that Verizon owners will be getting the Android 3.2 update in the coming weeks.

What ‘coming weeks’ mean are sure anyone’s guess — but let’s hope Moto doesn’t stretch it to a month or more.

The Android 3.2 (still called Honeycomb) brings in two much-wanted features: One, App Zooming for apps which have no tablet specific version so that experience is better than traditional stretching case, and second, SD Card support for tablets (finally, it has arrived!). Both the features are sure to leave any android tablet’s owner salivating for Android 3.2.

Now that Motorola has issued that it’s in works, and Asus already done that yesterday, it’s time Samsung said something to ease the wait-pain of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 users.

Via Droid-Life

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