Motorola Test Drive announced. Lets consumers test preview builds of software updates from Motorola

Motorola is surely changing, and it is changing for the better. Following the announcement of the Jelly Bean update rolling out for the Droid RAZR M, within only two months of the device’s release, Motorola’s Punit Soni has announced that the company will be starting a new program called Test Drive, which will allow “a few hundred consumers” to test out major software upgrades before they are launched publicly.

Test Drive is similar to the Motorola Feedback Network’s “soak test” program, and will start with the upcoming update to Android 4.2, the latest version of Android that takes the already amazing Jelly Bean to even greater heights. Motorola hasn’t yet announced the exact date for when Test Drive will start, nor when customers will be able to sign up to take part, though with Android 4.1 rolling out for only one Motorola device right now, it will probably be a while before the program starts.

Google’s influence on the changed and improved Motorola is certainly visible, and we can only hope that Motorola continues improving on their software and support in the future. Faster software updates is something we all love, and Motorola is showing signs of making sure that its customers don’t have to wait that long.