Moto G5 Plus: Latest version for Android P beta now available

Moto G6 Plus March 2019 software update

The Moto G5 Plus started receiving Android 8.1 Oreo update a while ago, which will be its only major OS upgrade unless Lenovo has plans to borrow a few lessons from OnePlus. But being an Android device in a highly enthusiastic development community, it’s almost certain that Oreo won’t be the last major OS upgrade the device will receive, at least not on an official basis.

In fact, we are already here as a bunch of XDA Developers have teamed up to give us a working Android P GSI port for the Moto G5 Plus. However, since the port is based on the latest Android P developer preview 5, you are getting an OS that is based on incomplete work. Still, the fact that Android P is already available for a device that hasn’t even fully been updated to Android Oreo shows just how great Project Treble is to the Android community.

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The developers of the port led by erfanoabdi used the latest Android P beta version from the Google Pixel XL, but it has been noted that the flashlight option in QS tiles is sometimes grayed out, although a simple reboot should fix this problem.

To get more details on what you need in order to install Android P on your Moto G5 Plus, hit the source link below. It’s also the place you should find the how-to process of flashing the ROM and some feedback on the same.

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