Moto E4 Plus update with software version NMA26.42-82

Lenovo’s Motorola branded 2017 entry-level devices, the Moto E4 and the Moto E4 Plus made a solid entry into the market. This is mainly due to the fact that the previous generations of these smartphones were well received as well. And Motorola is taking good care to serve its users well, with regular software updates and such.

The company pushed new update for its Moto E4 Plus today. This OTA update arrives as build number NMA26.42-82 and is a bug fixing update, which is supposed to make your device more stable. However, it looks like instead of fixing things and making the smartphone more stable, this new update seems to have more damage than anything.

moto e4 plus update

Motorola didn’t mention it which month’s security patch this update covers, but we have something more to worry on here, as it seems the update is not treating its users as it should.

According to a thread on Lenovo’s forum, it appears that Moto’s new update has rendered the camera unable to focus alright. Yes, that is weird, but that’s not the only issue: It seems users are not able to send messages either.

As of now, Motorola is yet to comment on this issue and we’re not sure when a this update will be pulled down, and new one distributed to fix the damage done by NMA26.42-82 build. If you are yet to update to this new software version, then we suggest you hold off for a while until there is more clarification available on the same. That said, be sure to stay tuned to more about this.

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