More Nexus S Snaps and Specs Leaked. A Bit Disappointing, Though! (Update)

Nexus S Blurry Photos Snaps Pics

Rumors have resurfaced talking about the pics and few specs of the upcoming great, the Nexus S android phone. The pics are at their blurriest best and they do make Nexus S a Galaxy S copy. Not only the looks though, but the latest specs also seem totally borrowed from the Galaxy S, except the new android OS version 2.3, the Gingerbread and a possible Super AMOLED2 (?) display.

The phone is said to be powered by ARM v7 processor (not confirmed whether a dual-core or not) and boasting a 4.0 inch display producing resolution of 480 x 800 with a camera (no word on its megapixel) capable of 720p recording. Looks like the person holding the Nexus S and giving out its blurry-best screenshots couldn’t identify the RAM and Internal memory in way we would’ve appreciated as he leaves it out both of them as either of 328 MB /512 MB and 1 GB / 2 GB respectively.

We know this is a very half baked rumor which confuses more than solidifying its predecessor gossips. The leaked photos are sure blurry but the other parts of the rumor, that is, a talk on hardware and software of the phone, still manage outdone the blurry pics.

We have heard about the Andy Rubin (Android head at Google) attending the D:Dive Into Mobile event on Dec 6, and going by Eric Schmidt’s words that Gingerbread’s landing in few weeks along with the announcement of Nexus S, the date and event seem just right. Quite a timing!


UPDATE: An update has confirmed that the Nexus S is indeed powered by a dual-core processor, called the Orion 1 Ghz Cortex A9.

Catch the Samsung Orion ARM Cortex-A9 processor in the video below. The Orion processor uses ARM’s new Mali-400 GPU chip, said to be 5 timescapable of Samsung’s earlier processor and can shoot videos at 1080p too. Wow! It’s still not official but we get it.

Now, this also means the Nexus S will become world’s first phone to launch with a dual-core processor unless Motorola or LG are are able to release their nVidia dual-core Tegra 2 phones, the Olympus and the Star respectively, earlier than the Samsung Google Nexus S, but the chances of that happening are very very slim.

We’ve been hinted more Nexus S content is coming soon today. Pics, specs, release date, price, carrier, countries, anything, etc. So keep watching this space, we’ll back with more delicious content on the Nexus S.

Via XDA Developers

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