Moga controller video will make you roll laughing

We had given a brief introduction on the MOGA controller earlier, and now there is a brand new, hilarious video commercial for the gaming controller which is doing the rounds on Youtube. Before we get to the commercial, let’s have a quick look at what the MOGA is all about.

MOGA is a Bluetooth gaming controller with dual analog sticks, four actions buttons, and shoulder triggers like on an XBOX 360 controller. MOGA is already available in stores, and can be had for $50.

The commercial for the MOGA features a highly censored, but gut-bustingly funny video, showing the MOGA being used by people from different walks of life, in varying situations. The excitement is evident, and so is the fact that this little accessory is likely to set the retail shelves on fire. Check out this really cool commercial – without the kids peeking over your back that is. Headphones recommended. We’re not going to reveal any more, lest we spoil the fun, but are sure you’ll love it.

[youtube video_id=”32sRMbuIxBU” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]

About to get one for yourself now? Let us know if you do.