Mobile Odin from Chainfire Now Supports Galaxy S3 i9300 Too

Odin is perhaps the most well-known name in the Samsung Android custom development world, as it’s the software used by many to flash firmware, kernels, baseband radios on all the Android phones from Samsung. So when XDA Elite Recognized Developer Chainfire released Mobile Odin, people rejoiced as it let them flash firmware, kernels, etc. from the phone itself.

Now, Mobile Odin supports the latest Samsung Android flagship — the Galaxy S3 — as well. Even though the Galaxy S3 just came out and there aren’t many new firmware out for it, support in Mobile Odin ensures that people will be able to flash newer firmware and kernels from the phone itself, when available.

The free version of Mobile Odin can be downloaded from the official development page, while the advanced pro version can be bought from Google’s Play Store (formerly Android Market). Download it, and keep it ready on your Galaxy S3 for future firmware flashes!