MIUI Theme based on Windows Phone 7 (WP7)

MIUI, one of the most famous custom ROMs for Android, has one great and really nifty feature: the inbuilt Theme Engine. The theme engine in MIUI lets you change the look and feel of almost every single thing in the UI, and with countless themes available for it, MIUI is one of the most beautiful ROMs out there.

Some of the best themes are those that emulate icons and looks of another OS, like Symbian or Meego. And now, XDA member Delvien has come up with a new MIUI icon theme that replaces the icons in your MIUI running Android phones with Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI–esque icons. Almost every single app icon has been replaced with a Metro-style icon, and the theme creator is also taking requests for making Metro-style icons for apps not included in the theme by default.

We know a lot of you have a liking for the Metro UI on Windows Phone 7, and now you can get a similar look on your Android phone with this theme. So, do head over to the theme’s original page on XDA to get more info and to download the theme on your phone. Oh, and don’t feel shy in requesting icons for your favorite apps!