Microsoft releases Personal Shopping Assistant app on the Play Store

A new Microsoft app is available for Android users on the Play Store that helps you shop better. Microsoft has developed a new Personal Shopping Assistant app, which is available for download from the Play Store, but hasn’t been publicly announced yet.

The Microsoft Shopping Assistant was already available as a Chrome extension and also a Windows 10 app. Now though, the app is available for Android devices as well. This app lets you shop for your favorite items on the internet and then remember them for later.

Everything happens automatically within the app. The app will remember all the items your searched for on your browser and other shopping apps. It will provide notifications for price changes and even let you compare a product between different sellers.

Overall, the Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant is an app for those shopaholic people who spend a lot of time on their mobile devices looking at things to buy, but don’t necessarily buy it. This is a great app to make that easier for you and it could even help you save some money.

→ Download Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant on Play Store

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