Meizu Pro 7 with Helio P25 chip gets benchmarked

Meizu may not be the top Chinese smartphone OEM, yet its recently released flagship product, the Pro 7, has garnered a lot of positive response. This is owing to the unique secondary display on the rear of the device. However, when it comes to benchmark scores, the smartphone fails to outshine others.

We know that Meizu has released Pro 7 with either Helio P25 or or Helio X30 processor. The benchmarking site GeekBench has the listed Meizu Pro 7 powered by Helio P25 processor and this has received single core score of 872 and multi core score of 3957.

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This is way less than the scores of other known flagship products such as OnePlus 5 and Galaxy S8. The former has managed to gather single core score of 1963 and multi core score of 6687 which is way more than Galaxy S8 scores (single core of 1929 and multi core score of 6375).

Notably, although Meizu Pro 7 is the company’s flagship product, it gets the mid-range Helio P25 processor which was launched in February this year. This chipset is targeted towards photography and combines dual-camera support. It also comes with power-saving technology and advanced multimedia capabilities.

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Source: GeekBench

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