Meizu Pro 7 could release on July 7

A new rumor has hit the streets indicating that the upcoming Meizu Pro 7 may launch on July 7. This isn’t the first leak to be honest, and the device has been roaming rumor-land for more than half a year now. Previous rumors had suggested that the device would be launched in March this year but clearly that didn’t happen, and now Meizu looks to be target a more fitting date to its name, 7/7.

From what the Pro 7 might pack inside to how the device may end up looking, we’ve pieced together quite a decent picture of the upcoming smartphone. The Meizu Pro 7 may be powered by the MediaTek Helio X3 chipset with RAM options varying from 4GB and going up till 8GB. Previous leaks also suggest that the device may receive a dual camera consisting of 12MP+12MP shooters.

And that’s not the only thing that’s going dual. The Pro 7 has received a lot of hype on a dual display setup. The secondary display may stay on the back of the device and may be used for notification access and similar actions.

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On a side note (no pun intended), the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 is also set to launch on July 7. Samsung is working hard towards reviving the Note 7 and hopes to regain part of profits after the Note 7 was put down.

Via: Weibo