Is this the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2? Or the Mi Note 3?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

We are almost at the end of first half of 2017 which means half of the major flagship smartphones have already been launched. This also means we are entering the second half of the year where companies like Samsung, LG, Apple, Xiaomi, and Google launch their flagships.

Among the lot, Mi Mix 2 and the Mi Note 3 are two of the hotly anticipated smartphones from Xiaomi. There have been a good number of leaks in the recent past giving us some insight about both these devices.

And today is no different. Another leak has surfaced on the internet in the form of an image. While it’s not clear whether the smartphone in question is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 or the Mi Note 3, it sure looks dope; one can’t deny that.

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And yes, it does have an eerie resemblance to the Galaxy S8’s design. In fact, there was a leak suggesting that both these handsets will have a dual-curved AMOLED display from Samsung.

All said, do take this leak with a pinch of salt as it can possibly be a fake image.

Anyway, do let us know what you think about this image in the comments below.

Source: Weibo 

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