[New app] Luminara gracefully pulses your phone’s LED light in sync with the music playing

The LED light has always been one of the most beautiful thing on our phones, especially the fading LED lights that we first saw on Galaxy Nexus. It was beautiful to watch that LED light on gNex slowly fade and then light again with all those beautiful colors. So how about getting the same mesmerizing experience while playing music on your phone? Yes, I feel you..

Luminara gracefully pulses the LED light on your phone in so many beautiful colors and in complete sync with beats, vocals and various musical sounds playing on your phone. It’s that perfect music visualizer app that we’ve all been waiting for. See it in action in the video below:


Luminara runs as a background service on your phone and requires root access to do its beautiful job. There’s not much to the interface of the app except a Start and Stop screen for the background service. The app works great for its first release, but we feel it could use some improvements in sensing the music for even better visualization.

If you’ve got an Android phone with LED light and it’s rooted, then you MUST try out this beautiful app. And if it’s not rooted, then Luminara is one great reason to use to make up your mind to get root. After all, life is short and your phone’s life is even shorter so make the most of it while you’re still using it. Root for the pride of being a pro, and install Luminara for the music that drives love and happiness inside you.

 icon-download  Download Luminara from Play Store

Update: The app is in its initial stage at this time and has only been tested on Xperia devices. So expect compatibility issues on your Samsung phone, even the Nexus 5 isn’t compatible at the moment. However, Nexus 4 running on Android L has been reported to work fine without any issues.

Update 2: Support for more devices added to Luminara. Check if your phone is supported now.

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