LTE not support by current Intel chips, that’s why no Intel phone in US

Motorola Razr i with Intel processor

Intel’s Director of Product marketing, Sumeet Syal has confirmed that the current genre of Intel chips, including the 2.0 GHz processor in Motorola Razr i, do not support LTE connectivity, yet. The company does have obvious plans to fix it, add the much required LTE support and also increase the cores inside its processor to keep up with multi-core mobile processor age we’re in right now.

Android phones have had LTE for long time now, and even the iPhone has got it now. LTE is a strong factor, both in marketing and consumer usage in US, and a phone without LTE isn’t worth even a small campaign there which is probably why Intel has kept its smartphone business out of US for now – evidently,  none of the six phones, including the Razr i, has been released in US.

Another area where Intel is looking to improve is, producing the dual-core processor, which with its own technology called hyper-threading, will be able to produce 4 threads of power, thus hopefully allowing its dual-core processors to outdo even some quad-core competition processors in the market, like its single core one does to some dual-core competition in the market.

The LTE and multi-core chips aside, Intel got some work to do regarding android apps support, too. Since, as of now, not all android apps are supported by Intel’s current lineup of chips, called Medfield. While company increased it percentage guess from 70 to 95 as regards android apps compatibility, no number guessing was done this time. Sumeet Syal only revealed: the majority of all apps they tested were found working. Take that as what you will!

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