LG may launch a new Flagship series, surpassing the current G series

So the MWC has come and gone and although most major manufacturers took to the occasion to unveil their newest smartphones for us to admire, LG was not one of them. Apparently, the G4 — which is going to be the South Korean company’s next — is all but ready, but LG held back announcing it in order to avoid a head on clash with Samsung and HTC. For the same reasons, the company will not wait for too long since that will bring it into conflict with Apple’s iPhone 6S.

Going by this, the company will probably announce its latest very soon, in fact maybe as early as next month considering that both Apple and Samsung will most probably reveal the next iPhone and Galaxy Note respectively in  the second half of this year. Also, from what we heard last, another series from LG may be about to hit the market soon. Interesting! Makes you wonder if it will be called the “H series” .


Cho Juno, who heads the mobile division at LG shared some pretty significant insight at the MWC on Monday including the company’s plan of introducing a new smartphone lineup which supposedly will feature far above the G series. The “far” above part has us wondering though since the G series has always employed the most powerful hardware available which leads us to think that the new series may just be something in quite another league altogether.

For example, we may find ourselves face to face with a Tablet instead of a smartphone. But again, it might as well be a curved display device like the S6 edge that hits the market in the latter part of this year.

Well, lets keep our fingers crossed for something amazing.

Source: KoreaHerald