LG G6 price could be 930,000 Won ($800)

LG’s much-talked about upcoming flagship G6 will come at a price of 930,000 Won (around $815) in Korea, which is over 50,000 Won more than LG G5. With all the high-end specs touted to grace the LG G6, the price doesn’t come much as a surprise. At this price range, the G6 falls in the league of LG V20 (899,800 won) which was released at the end of last year.

LG has increased the screen size of the G6 to 5.7 inches with additional features such as bezel-less display with world’s first QHD LCD panel and a wider ratio of 18:9. Under the hood, it carries Snapdragon 821 processor. It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat OS and packs in 3000mAH battery which is the largest in the company’s G series devices.

It also comes with dual rear camera set-up, waterproof build, wireless charging, an AI Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and a new Quad DAC to enhance sound quality.

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The company has already invitations for the launch of LG G6 at MWC on February 26th.

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