LG G6 launches in Philippines, pre-order offer includes Harmon kardon wireless headset for free

After the official launch of flagship smartphone LG G6 at the Mobile World Congress in February, LG is gradually releasing it across several countries. The latest country to join the list is Philippines where LG G6 is up for pre-order.

Priced at ₱ 37,990, the LG G6 is available in select LG dealers across the country. The pre-order starts from today and is available till the end of this month, that is April 30th. LG is giving away a Harmon Kardon wireless headset worth ₱ 7490 and a G6 case worth ₱ 1500 absolutely free to customers who place the pre-order.

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Meanwhile, last month LG launched a G6 Black Edition in South Korea which has a dual color scheme paired with either platinum or white colors on the rear. This LG G6 in the Black Edition is being sold by South Korea’s known mobile carrier KT Corp.

It is also being reported that a new software update will be rolled out to LG G6 in June which will bring the 3D Facial recognition tech to the flagship smartphone. Very clearly, this a step to cover up for the lack of an Iris scanner in G6 which is an inherent feature in Samsung’s flagship phones Galaxy S8 and S8+.

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Source: LG Philippines 

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  1. Glad that LG launched G6 2 months before S8 launch, coz judging by the preorders of S8, I think hardly anyone except the LG fans or edge display haters would go for G6 over Galaxy S8!!

    1. They are really edge to edge in competition XD

  2. 3D facial recognition is a total contender move by LG. Iris scanner in Samsung is sort of weird to use. You have to hold up the phone like you would to take a selfie and it takes a second, making it kind of awkward. Face unlock seems much quicker, however it isn’t comforting to imagine your face is stored In Samsung servers somewhere. Although that just might be me being a wee bit paranoid.

  3. The LG G6 is a worthy competitor and it was smart for releasing it early as they had time for rolling out updates and fixes 😀

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