LG G6 may get 3D face scanning support through a software update in June

As per a new report out of Korea, the LG G6 may soon get 3D Facial recognition tech via a software update. The report states that LG could release the feature along with the announcement of LG Pay in June.

LG would apparently use the facial recognition technology from a firm called Oez. Users would be able to make payments using LG Pay without even having to touch their device. If this happens, then LG will become the first to use facial recognition for making payments.

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For now, only the LG G6 is said to be on the receiving end of this feature. However, other phones such as the LG V20 and G5 could also get the feature in the future. The software by Oez is small in size and include safety measures to prevent people from using pictures to bypass facial recognition.

The LG G6 only features a fingerprint scanner, whereas the recently announce Galaxy S8 and S8+ by Samsung includes an Iris scanner as well. Consumers would definitely gain from this, as long as it is secure.

via The Investor 

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