You may get LG G5 UX 5.0 on LG G4, V10 and G3

So after all the leaks and puzzle pieces been floating around on the interwebs for the past few weeks for the LG G5, the device was finally made official at MWC 2016 yesterday.

Like rumored previously, the LG G5 features a slide-out battery and modular camera enhancements. Plus, there’s are various UI changes to LG UX and software enhancements on the LG G5 that you’ll so much love.

But what about the LG G4, V10, etc.? Would it get the new G5 UX and software enhancements? Well, LG hasn’t said anything about it officially, but we guess the new UX will most probably make it to the G4/V10/G3, either via a small OTA or with an Android upgrade.

And if you’re someone like us, who couldn’t wait to get the G5’s UX 5.0 on your LG G4 via the official means (which, of course will be delayed), you can always look to xda and other Android communities for modified/ported stuff.

We’re sure LG G5 stuff will soon get ported over to LG G4, V10 and probably G3 too as soon as a system dump or official firmware of G5 is available. Stay tuned..

Happy Androiding!

Image source: Android Authority

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