LG G3 to get Snapdragon 805 upgrade?

LG’s latest flagship, LG G3, which unveiled a week ago is yet to hit the markets, but is already wrenched by the leaks of Samsung S5 Prime which is rumored to feature a Quad HD display and Quad core snapdragon 805 processor. Well there is no credible information about the leaks on S5 prime, LG  is already thinking about taking its flagship to the next level with a Snapdragon 805 processor.

According to Chinese source, Naver, LG is planning to revamp the processor on LG G3 to Snapdragon 805 with a faster LTE potent. Perhaps its not the processor but the faster potent MDM 9635 modem that empowers the device to reach download speed upto 22o Mbps over LTE . The build and the display will be same as the unveiled variant of G3 with a possible change in processor and LTE potent or may be any one of them.

As per the source, the revamped processor variant may only launch in Asia and the West may not get their hands on the new variant.